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At Service Objects, we are constantly striving to provide value to our customers and improve our products. With that in mind, here are some of the new features we know you will be interested in!

Name Validation

ValidationNameV2 Operation

DOTS Name Validation 2 has introduced a new operation, ValidationNameV2. This new operation incorporates a number of improvements over the previous version including:

  • business name classification
  • similar name matching
  • scoring improvements
  • enhanced name origin results including First Name Origin

Let’s take a more in-depth look at Business Name Classification next.

Business Name Classification

One of the exciting new features in the NameInfoV2 operation is business name classification. Using this feature, a name that is passed in is evaluated using a Machine Learning classifier based on a number of identifiable features in the name to determine if it is, in fact, a business and not a person. The classifier is backed by a 14 million business name database to net a highly accurate system at identifying and classifying names. This helps clients separate business lists from valuable leads to maximize sales operations.

Business Classification results are returned as output fields in the NameInfoV2 Response object as specified in the table below:




BusinessClassification String Person,Business or Unknown
IsBusiness Boolean True,False
BusinessName String Name determined to be a business

Address Detective

This operation will pull a good address from multiple potentially jumbled lines of data, if a client does not know exactly how their data is ordered.

How does it work? A new operation has been added to DOTS Address Detective called FindAddressLines. This new operation will accept address line fields in any order, figure out which line is which, and then validate the address assuming it finds enough information. So if an organization has really messy data, and doesn’t know which columns contain the address lines, city, state, or zip, they can feed it into this new operation in any order.

Lead Validation

DOTS Lead Validation has also been updated to use Address Detective instead of Address Validation 3 (AV3).

It uses the new FindAddressLines operation in Address Detective that allows very messy/scrambled addresses to validate.

For example, you can jumble up the address inputs and it will find the correct elements and put them in the correct order. Address1 = Santa Barbara, Address2 = CA, City = 27 E Cota St #500, State = 93101, will correctly rearrange the elements into a valid address and run the equivalent of a GetBestMatch from AV3 on the corrected result.

In addition, it will also now work for single line entries. This allows Lead Validation to handle addresses with single or multi-line addresses, as well as possibly jumbled up data. The latest Lead Validation build allows users to enter a single line address in Address1 and get valid processing via the GetBestMatchesSingleLine operation giving LV a nice boost in handling mixed and alternative data.

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