Introducing Global Address Complete

What is the very best way to ensure an accurate address? Make sure it is correct before someone even enters it.

This is the concept behind an exciting new product from Service Objects, DOTS Global Address Complete – a real-time service that suggests correct addresses, from only a few keystrokes, at the point of data entry. It is used with web forms to suggest a standardized mailing address as an address is being typed into a form, resulting in substantially improved address data accuracy.

Global Address Complete is simple to integrate and is the only address suggestor that uses CASS-compliant, USPS data. A key feature is the inclusion of our industry-leading US Address Validation capabilities, ensuring addresses selected are accurate and deliverable. For international addresses, it pairs seamlessly with Service Objects’ other leading contact data validation solutions, providing businesses with a full suite of global services to improve the digital customer experience. Let’s take a deeper look at this new product.

How it works

Autocomplete capabilities take much of the work out of entering an address. Unlike a standard address entry form, where you fill in individual fields, these tools suggest an entire address based on a few keystrokes. This saves time and, more importantly, helps ensure a complete and accurate address based on existing data.

Autocomplete tools aren’t a new concept. You’ve probably experienced them yourself while entering your address for some of your favorite online or ecommerce sites. But in a business environment, the details of these capabilities are critical to their success.

This is where Global Address Complete shines. It is a business-grade solution that delivers superior results for the things that matter most for productivity and address deliverability. Here are some key specific advantages for your business applications:

Ease of Integration: With provided, prebuilt JavaScript, the service can be integrated with a few lines of code. Developers are also able to work directly with the service if they need a custom integration.

Speed: Global Address Complete starts suggesting addresses as soon as the first keystroke of entering an address, with response times as fast as 100 milliseconds.

Accuracy: Unlike most competitive products, Global Address Complete suggests addresses to the level of apartment or suite numbers where possible. Products that lack these capabilities, like Google Place Autocomplete, risk missing over 30 million addresses in the US alone.

Deliverability: Embedded within Global Address Complete is our industry-leading US Address Validation capabilities, which provides validation, corrections and key address details, including deliverability (DPV) and whether the address is residential or business.

Globalization: Covers 250 countries. Using Country Detect and Country Select capabilities, the country can be manually selected and/or automatically detected based on the user’s IP address, allowing this service to more quickly and accurately suggest addresses in their country and region. Alternatively, your customer can simply select their country of interest, ensuring the correct address and postal format is being captured. This is especially helpful when a customer is shipping a package to a location different than where their IP indicates they are.

By using a business-ready autocomplete service like Global Address Complete, you do much more than save data entry time – you save your company considerable downstream costs resulting from data entry errors, undeliverable addresses and formatting errors, while improving user experience, cart abandonment and transaction completion rates.

Putting Global Address Complete to work

Global Address Complete integrates with most popular ecommerce and business automation platforms using a simple and secure JavaScript include file which is provided with your key. It also pairs easily with Service Objects’ flagship Address Validation services, to provide a one-two punch for address capture accuracy. And every Service Objects product comes bundled with expert implementation assistance, available 24/7 technical support, and guaranteed 99.999% uptime.

This new service represents an easy, automated way to improve your contact data quality and data entry productivity at the same time. For more information about Global Address Complete or a free trial license, contact our friendly product experts to discuss your specific needs.

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