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Introducing the Address Validation
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When I can get greater functionality out of my work applications without getting the tech staff involved, it makes my day. Sometimes I just need a no-muss-no-fuss solution that doesn’t require me to fill out a time and expense requisition for help. There are also times I need things done quicker than professional business manners allows for. I wouldn’t want my co-workers to confuse my enthusiasm with pushiness, after all.

I think Service Objects’ development team had people like me in mind when they came up with this new plugin for It’s so easy to install that everyone with basic computer skills can do it,  and immediately start validating contact addresses, in real time, from within their applications— regardless of technical background and without breaking a sweat.

Prior to the development of this plugin, implementing Address validation services required programmers with advanced programming skills, familiarity with various technologies like XML, SOAP, and web services and an understanding of’s development platform as well as their proprietary programming language.

Today, no programming time or expertise is required. If you’re working in and want to start validating your contact addresses immediately, then you’ve got to try out this Address Validation plugin.

To use our web services, you’ll need to sign up for a free evaluation Trial Key or purchase a Production Key for DOTS Address Validation. Use your own data with our Address validation services to compare and correct your data entries with USPS and Canada Post database information.

Download our easy 12 step installation guide and see for yourself how easy it is to install.

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