Santa’s Delivery Secret: Address Validation

With the holidays fast approaching, your customers will soon be shopping online and breaking last year’s sales records. They will be counting on your business to make sure all of their packages are delivered on-time to their correct addresses. Adding to the holiday stress, there are even some Scrooges out there that will try to commit fraud.

To help ease some of your stress during this season, Service Objects is sharing one of Santa’s secret tools: Address Validation. Like Santa, you can enjoy the benefits of verifying and correcting addresses, ensuring accurate and timely delivery, while helping weed out fraudsters and malicious actors.

Simply visit our Santa’s Delivery Secret, powered by our Address Validation tools, to try it out.

If you have never used a real-time address validation service before – or even if you have – this is a quick and fun way to check up to 10 addresses.  If you are more like Santa and have a large number of addresses to check, we are here to help.  Either way, you can get started by looking up one address at a time, including business names, as shown here:
Santa's Delivery Secret

Once you enter a business or personal delivery address – anywhere in the world that reindeers fly – Santa’s helpers will be right back with a validated address, showing corrections where needed, ensuring happy deliveries.

If you have a larger database of addresses you want to validate and verify, Santa is giving you 500 free transactions when you sign up to test any of our real-time Address Validation APIs.

We’re hoping that once you get a taste of some holiday address verification – and understand how simple it is to implement for your business – you’ll want to have these capabilities for your business, all year round.

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact us and we’ll do our best to make it a happy holiday season for you too!

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