Service Objects’ Top 5 Business Growth and Marketing Blogs

Service Objects takes our customers’ success very seriously, which is why we regularly create content to help organizations make heads or tails of their contact data and offer advice for implementing data quality solutions. Some of our blogs strike such a chord that they continue to attract attention far after publication.
Here are 5 of our most popular Business Growth and Marketing articles to date, click through to read more.

Power up your ecommerce

Some things are just better together. Like milk and cookies. Or peanut butter and jelly. Or, if you do online sales and marketing, ecommerce platforms and data validation services. Integrating live, real-time validation services right into your ecommerce platform is easy to do, and gives you a whole host of benefits including promoting sales, preventing fraud and ensuring top-notch customer service and product delivery. This article explores a rich smorgasbord of benefits you can engineer into your own shopping cart platform – adding any of them will make your life easier. Read More

Email marketing tip: dealing with role addresses

Do you have any friends named “info” or “customerservice”? If you do, our sympathies, because their parents were probably way over-invested in their careers. But in all likelihood, you probably don’t. Which leads to a very important principle about your email marketing: you always need to make sure you are marketing to real people. Email addresses like “” or “” are examples of what we call role addresses. They are not addressed to a person, but rather to a job function and generally include a number of people on the distribution list. Read More

People, process, and technology: The three pillars of data quality

For many people, managing data quality seems like a daunting task. They may realize that it is an important issue with financial consequences for their organization, but they don’t know how to proceed in managing it. With the right strategy, however, any organization can reap the benefits of consistent data quality, by focusing on three core principles: People, Process, and Technology. Taken together, these three areas serve as the cornerstones of a structured approach to data quality that you can implement and manage. Read More

Online fraud is growing. What can your business do?

Estimates vary, but recent figures from DigitalCommerce360 project the value of eCommerce fraud nearly doubling from US $10 billion to $19 billion between 2014 and 2018, as the eCommerce market continues to grow from a historic peak of US $2.3 trillion in 2017. One particular area of fraud, account takeovers, jumped 45% in Q2 of 2017 alone according to the Global Fraud Index, and these fraudulent pirated accounts represent one of the top three types of online retail fraud. Read More

A new role: The marketing technologist

Once upon a time, life was simple. There was marketing, and there was IT. The former did creative work to drive the product creation and sales process, and the latter kept the computers, software and networks running. In large organizations, the former had a Chief Marketing Officer and the latter had a Chief Information Officer. And if the two departments talked, it was usually about things like software licenses or password resets. Fast forward to 2017. Marketing is now a heavily data-driven field, where success involves things like marketing automation platforms, CRMs, big data analytics, social media analysis, content personalization, and data governance. Read More

Our most popular blogs have one thing in common: they offer insight to help your team leverage data quality to enhance your business practices. View all of our Business Growth and Marketing content or reach out to let us know what you’d like to see more of.

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