The New Face of Business

Not too long ago, Sears and Roebuck revolutionized American retail with mail order catalogs. Retail has come a long way since then, with the Internet paving the way for e-commerce and eliminating the physical boundaries that used to separate markets. With e-commerce now accounting for billions of dollars in sales and revenue, it’s hard to remember the days before online order forms and PayPal.

The technological age has radically changed the way we do business. Purchasing electronics used to mean going to Radio Shack or Circuit City, but now we turn to our computers and search Amazon and Google. Traditional face-to-face business interactions have become a virtual connection between an IP address and a server. The business platform has changed, and with it we have lost our ability to identify consumers.

So in the age of online business, how do you differentiate suspicious consumers from genuine customers? How do you know if the phone number and address they provide is in fact real? And how can you tell if Jane Smith’s credit card really belongs to her? E-commerce has created countless opportunities for online buyers and sellers, but it has also introduced a world of identity theft.

When I first started working at Service Objects over two years ago, I had no idea that there was someone working behind the scenes to protect businesses from online fraud. Since 2001, Service Objects has been helping online merchants gain insight about their consumers – helping them discern true customers from fraudulent users. In the new face of business, Service Objects can protect online merchants and mitigate fraudulent threats through our extensive offering of DOTS Web Service solutions.

I know the Internet hosts an extensive amount of fraud, so it helps me sleep a little better at night knowing there is a company out there whose focus is to ensure companies know who they are dealing with, and that my identity is protected.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog and thank you for reading!

Marissa B.

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