Two APIs To Make Online Business Less Taxing

eCommerce has redefined the B2B and B2C retail worlds; anyone with a budget and a vision can launch an online store front… That said, there are many unseen backend APIs, calculations and utilities that are critical for the creation of a successful ecommerce store front. Service Objects offers fast, easy-to-integrate solutions that help developers and merchants successfully automate eCommerce processes for better profit.

icon_dots_ftImagine the liability your online business could incur if your computer systems were not calculating sales tax rates correctly. DOTS FastTax calculates sales tax and use tax rates, based on street address, zip code, or simple city/state/county information for US and Canadian addresses. To ensure that only the most accurate tax rates are returned, the DOTS FastTax service utilizes our most popular API, DOTS Address Validation, behind the scenes to validate the full street address to the ZIP+4 level. It easily integrates into your shopping cart, so the correct tax rate will auto-populate during checkout. We host the tax data and update it monthly eliminating the time wasted manually calculating tax rates or the need to pay a third party to audit your books – a huge bonus for those concerned about how the Marketplace Fairness Act (if passed) will affect their business.

Another concern for eTailers is credit card fraud – integrate credit card type and location validation seamlessly into your online business processes. DOTS BIN Validation distinguishes between a prepaid and bank-issued credit card, identifies the network to which it belongs and the issuing country and financial organization. For example, an order placed with a credit card issued from Nepal with a shipping address in Arizona should be flagged for review before shipment is authorized.

Combining the power of DOTS FastTax and DOTS BIN Validation offers online merchants simple and effective ecommerce tools that integrate easily into most shopping cart systems.

Service Objects offers a diverse range of products to help your business run smoother, faster and more efficiently. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you build an affordable, profitable solution.