Understanding CASS Cycle O and Its Impact on Address Validation

In today’s digital age, ensuring the accuracy and validity of address data is crucial for businesses. Incorrect addresses can result in delayed or failed deliveries, unhappy customers, and increased costs for businesses. The Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) is a strict USPS certification for accurate address validation that Service Objects consistently supports. In this blog, we’ll delve into its latest generation, known as Cycle O, and how it can significantly improve address validation.

What is CASS?

Before diving into CASS Cycle O, let’s familiarize ourselves with CASS. CASS is a certification process developed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to evaluate the accuracy of software that corrects and matches street addresses. For address validation software to be CASS certified, it must meet the strict requirements of the USPS, which require the software to verify and correct over 150,000 problematic mailing addresses that it provides.

These addresses need to be corrected to the precise and exacting standards of the USPS, matching the USPS database of valid addresses, including correcting errors such as misspelled street names, missing apartment numbers and incorrect zip codes. CASS certification is valid for 2 years and requires the validation software to meet a minimum address accuracy level of 98.5%. Service Objects’ Address Validation – US has exceeded these accuracy levels for over a decade, with an average accuracy score of 99.5%.

Introducing CASS Cycle O

CASS certifications are divided into different cycles, with each cycle introducing new and stricter criteria or standards that address validation software must meet. CASS Cycle O, like its predecessors, introduced specific requirements that software must fulfill to achieve certification. According to the USPS, the new Cycle O standards “are fueled by the need to promote:

  • Address Quality
  • Reducing Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail
  • Ease of use and understanding
  • Ease of implementation
  • Priority on changes that are a Win, Win, Win – a Win for mailers, a Win for the USPS and a Win for the recipient”

CASS Cycle O’s focus is to elevate the standards of address validation by incorporating enhanced criteria. While the specific requirements of each cycle may change, they typically involve improvements in address matching algorithms, more comprehensive address data coverage, and the integration of updated USPS databases.

How does CASS Cycle O improve address validation?

  1. Improved Matching Algorithms: CASS Cycle O certification ensures that an address validation software has state-of-the-art algorithms capable of detecting and correcting a broader range of address inaccuracies. This can significantly reduce the chances of incorrect or undeliverable addresses slipping through.
  2. Up-to-Date Address Databases: CASS Cycle O mandates the integration of the most recent USPS databases. This means that certified software is aware of the latest changes in address data, from new streets and buildings to re-zonings and renamed locations.
  3. Enhanced Data Coverage: With CASS Cycle O, there might be an expanded scope in terms of address data coverage. This can include deeper insights into residential, business, and PO Box addresses, ensuring that a wider range of addresses are validated accurately.
  4. Reduction in Undeliverable Addresses: As the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the software improve with CASS Cycle O certification, businesses can expect a decrease in undeliverable addresses. This can lead to significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.
  5. Standardized Address Formats: CASS Cycle O ensures that addresses are not just correct but also standardized. This is essential for businesses that rely on automated systems and databases, ensuring uniformity and ease of data management, resulting in postal discounts and accelerated delivery.

Ensure your address validation service is CASS Cycle O certified

For Service Objects, ensuring our US address validation service stays updated with the latest CASS cycles is of utmost importance. As we’ve seen, CASS Cycle O brings several enhancements that significantly improve address validation processes for businesses. By opting for CASS Cycle O certified software, businesses can ensure they are leveraging the best tools available to maintain accurate, up-to-date, and standardized address data.