Using Email Validation to Avoid Deliverability Issues this Holiday Season

This year, email marketing strategy is an important engine for the biggest growth period in history for ecommerce. In this global pandemic year, holiday season sales are predicted to grow as much as 35% in 2020 to nearly $200 billion. According to eMarketer, the pandemic grew email’s prominence as a touchpoint between businesses and their consumer, with the Radicati Group projecting that the number of global email users will rise from 4.04 billion this year to 4.48 billion in 2024.

Cost-effective, timely and accurate communication with consumers starts with email. Businesses rely on this communication channel to increase ecommerce sales, entice consumers to take advantage of promotional offers, communicate customer service interactions and enhance customer loyalty programs. And with more and more competition for attention in people’s inboxes, a company’s brand reputation now rests more than ever on timely, accurate email communication.

Add in a pandemic economy and a historic holiday shopping season, and it is more crucial than ever for global businesses to ensure they have genuine and accurate emails. Without email validation, firms risk sending to invalid, bogus or undeliverable addresses – potentially missing important customers, leaving themselves open to fraud, or putting them at risk of getting blacklisted. If you aren’t yet validating the quality of your email addresses, the costs and risks of bad email data are higher than ever in 2020.

Accurate emails are more important than ever – here’s how we can help

Service Objects’ industry-leading DOTS Email Validation is an API-based service that integrates with major business automation platforms. It identifies and corrects invalid emails with fixable errors like syntax and domain typos. It also flags potentially fraudulent email addresses, known spammers, spam traps and honeypots, and important MX specific flags such as: catch-all, wireless, free, disposable, alias, domain quality and many more.

As a best practice, we recommend the following:

  1. Verify incoming email addresses in real-time through the API to ensure every new address captured is genuine and accurate.
  2. Perform a one-time validation on your existing database of email addresses using the API or submit a list through our secure FTP service for batch processing.

These steps ensure that every email address in your database is accurate and deliverable while protecting your business from fraud and reducing bounce rates by up to 90%.

Learn more about how your business can ensure the integrity and deliverability of your email contact list in time for the 2020 holiday selling season. And feel free to contact any of our Data Quality Specialists to find out more about Service Objects’ entire suite of contact data validation services.

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