Our Top 5 Marketing Blogs of 2020

We take great pride in educating our clients on the importance of data quality. And we did quite a bit of it in 2020, with over 100 blog posts and counting. Our blog, featuring informative articles on industry trends and detailed walkthroughs, is one of the most popular features of the Service Objects website.

We are also closing out a challenging year that includes the milestones of over 4.5 billion contact records validated since our 2001 founding, and over 2800 customers including industry leaders such as Amazon, Microsoft, Verizon, major credit card providers and many more. We are proud of 19 straight years of over 99% uptime, and even more proud of our commitment to the environment and the local community, ranging from supporting reforestation efforts in our native California to utilizing our data validation services to help researchers fight the spread of COVID-19.

As we wrap up this year, let’s take a look back at the five most popular of our fact-filled blog posts. Here are some of the articles that you found most useful in 2020:

#1 Service Objects Further Enhances COVID-19 Case Data

We recently announced that Service Objects has created an enhanced dataset of COVID-19 cases nationwide, which has been deduped, cleansed and appended with over 200 additional data points to assist researchers, data scientists and others in combating this global pandemic. You can read the original blog,  ‘Service Objects Creates Enhanced COVID-19 Case Data‘. READ MORE>>

#2 Announcing DOTS Address Geocode – International

Service Objects has long offered capabilities for geocoding US and Canadian addresses. Now, to better serve the global marketplace, we are pleased to announce the release of DOTS Address Geocode – International. This new service aggregates numerous datasets from around the world to return the best latitude, longitude and address location details possible for international addresses. READ MORE>>

#3 Mitigate Shipping Surcharges with Address Validation

A picture may be worth a thousand words. But if you are engaged in retail or e-commerce, the next few hundred words in this blog are going to potentially be worth thousands of dollars to you – or more. The reason is that the holiday shipping season is upon us, and there are two major sets of fees you need to understand and manage: holiday surcharges and address correction fees. Let’s look at both of these fees, and what you can do about them. READ MORE>>

#4 What is Service Objects All About?

The purpose of some companies is entirely obvious from their name. Like Coca-Cola. Or Domino’s Pizza. Or Dollar Shave Club. Others are a little more obtuse. Who would have guessed that one of the first big online bookstores would be called – or that many of us would eventually purchase everything under the sun from it? Or that Warby Parker would become a household name for hipster eyeglasses? We’re somewhere in between these two extremes. We do make object-oriented software tools that are often used in service environments. But that alone may not tell you a lot about what we actually do. So for the uninitiated, here is a quick guided tour of Service Objects. READ MORE>>

#5 Lead Validation: A Sample Use Case

If you visit this blog regularly, you probably know by now how much contact data quality impacts your marketing efforts. Leads are a very perishable quantity, which are also subject to problems ranging from lead quality to outright fraud. And there is a very direct relationship between your data hygiene and the costs and ROI of your marketing campaigns. READ MORE>>

Service Objects has a lot of exciting articles planned for 2021, and we truly enjoy sharing our knowledge and market perspectives with you, our customers and our followers. We look forward to connecting with you from here and want to wish all of you a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year. 

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