When the Going Gets Tough the Tough use DOTS Web Services

With the economy amidst a downfall you need to exercise your budget, right? Service Objects can help you lean down expenses and keep moving forward with DOTS Lead Validation.

Efficiency is key in this day and age, and what directly attributes to efficiency? Streamlining and Automation!

Can you tell just by looking at your leads which ones are HOT and which ones are BAD?

Add up all the money you are spending on the cost of incoming leads, marketing campaigns, and sales team follow-ups. It quickly adds up, especially if your HOT leads are becoming weak during your qualification process. What a waste of time, energy, opportunity, and most of all money!

What if you had instant visibility into your leads? Imagine immediately calling to follow-up with a lead while their interest is still fresh. There would be no doubt that you would easily increase sales and efficiency. dunbell1

DOTS Lead Validation will do all the work for you within milliseconds! You will instantly know if the lead is a business or consumer, if their telephone number, mailing address, email, and IP number are valid, and if that lead is worth your time and money.

As proof that DOTS Lead Validation works, check out our Web site, we are HIRING not firing, because we are doing well despite the recession. Why? Because DOTS Lead Validation works for us too 🙂

strongarm2 So, keep your business focused on strong leads during tough times. Get strong and get going with DOTS Lead Validation!

Thanks for reading this week,

Ericka J.

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