How to Prevent Delivery Errors? Find Out at Our Free Webinar

According to recent data, 20% of customer addresses contain critical errors. Among many other things, these errors can result in late or undeliverable shipments, customer service issues and reputation damage to your business.

To help you learn how to keep your deliveries on track, we are hosting a free webinar, “Improve Location Intelligence Through Customer Data Validation”, on March 28th, 2023, discussing how Customer Data Validation provides superior location intelligence, preventing delivery issues and customer support issues.

Hosted by Rob Manser, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Service Objects and a veteran of over 20 years of marketing and data quality expertise, this webinar will teach you how to prevent delivery errors, using Customer Data Validation to ensure your address data is genuine, accurate and verified. Now, let’s take a deeper look at what we will be covering in this free workshop.

The root of most delivery errors: bad data

When a shipment or package doesn’t end up being delivered accurately, it is often because of data errors in the recipient’s address or contact information. And unfortunately, contact data is naturally prone to errors. Recent surveys have found that nearly a third of business leaders don’t trust their data, and with good reason – data quality problems are estimated to cost US businesses alone over $3 trillion each year.

Bad contact data is inevitable. It has many causes, human error and data decay are just a couple of examples. Contact data often comes into your business systems from numerous touch points, including leads and customers entering it themselves, which are highly prone to human error. But even when data is entered perfectly, it starts to go bad as soon as it becomes part of your database, as people move, change jobs, or obtain new contact information.

However, inaccurate contact data is also preventable. And in the process, it not only prevents delivery issues and customer dissatisfaction but also serve as a source of business intelligence and future revenue. The key is using automated tools that leverage authoritative databases for both contact record quality and data enhancement, in an integrated process we call Customer Data Validation. Some of the Service Objects services that Rob will discuss in this free webinar include:

  • Global Address Complete allows visitors to quickly select an address as they start typing, improving shipping accuracy by reducing keystrokes, misspellings and incorrect address entry.
  • Address Validation services correct and standardize addresses to the correct postal formats for over 250 countries and territories worldwide, ensuring your customers receive their packages and communications on time.
  • Address Geocode services translate addresses and geo-coordinates into actionable location data points that can be used in shipping logistics, risk assessment and marketing segmentation.
  • NCOA Live detects and verifies US changes of address in real-time, while standardizing and formatting them to USPS standards.
  • Address Insight delivers location-specific demographics and geo-coordinates that provide your business with key strategic details for making critical decisions.

Go with the leader in Customer Data Validation

Accurate customer data has been at the core of what we do since 2001, with nearly 6 billion contact records validated and counting for organizations of all sizes, including many of the world’s major corporations. This is why we’ve grown to become the industry leader in Customer Data Validation, with an integrated and customizable suite of tools to ensure that your deliveries – and all of your customer interactions – work as planned.

Service Objects’ solutions for Customer Data Validation are easily implemented in most current CRM or business automation platforms, using convenient API interfaces. And each of them comes bundled with 24/7/365 technical support, expert implementation assistance, and guaranteed 99.999% uptime.

This free webinar, “Improve Location Intelligence Through Customer Data Validation” will help you learn about your options for keeping your deliveries accurate and on time. Register or contact us for a complimentary, no-pressure, product demonstration, along with free trial licenses and expert implementation assistance. Join us and learn how we can help your deliveries reach every customer, every time.

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