Leveraging Your Existing Contacts with Lead Validation

If you work in marketing, you already know that the cost of acquiring new leads and customers far exceeds that of marketing to your existing contact base – especially now, in the middle of a global pandemic economy, when budgets for lead acquisition are often being slashed.

This means that having genuine, accurate and up-to-date contact data has become more important than ever. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a tool that many of our customers are now using to improve the ROI of their existing leads: our DOTS Lead Validation services.

What Lead Validation can do for you

Lead Validation is a real-time, API-based product that focuses on five critical elements to validate and score the quality of your leads. Available in versions for USA/Canada and international leads, these services analyze and cross-check over 130 data points to generate a quantitative lead quality score ranging from 0-100. The services also provide detailed scoring on each of the lead’s main individual components, including name, address, phone, email and device.

Lead Validation also checks and flags situations that may point to aging, inaccurate or fraudulent data – for example, a mismatch between the contact name and the person who owns the phone number supplied, or a non-business email address for a business lead. And of course, its component validation determines the individual quality of each contact field, ranging from detecting fake names or garbage addresses to IP addresses in high-risk countries.

With well over 100 possible conditions flagged and reported, together with a composite lead quality score, Lead Validation allows you to employ data-driven business logic to weight data elements that are most meaningful to your business. You can also define specific “test types” – such as whether to require email addresses, or how much influence an IP address score should have – and create a customized lead quality score that is specific to your needs. This article discusses these in more detail, including our own library of more than 50 test types.

All of these tools are powered by Service Objects’ extensive validation capabilities, including continually updated authoritative databases, resulting in clean and accurate lead data that global organizations can use with confidence.

Putting Lead Validation to work for you

Lead Validation’s API interfaces can be easily integrated with leading business and marketing automation platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo and many more. With sub-second response times and guaranteed 99.999% uptime, this product allows you to improve lead quality at the point-of-entry, as well as validate existing lead data.

Demand for this tool has grown rapidly in recent months, as firms try to get the most out of their existing contact data in a fast-changing new economic landscape. We’re ready to help with knowledgeable technical experts and available 24/7 support, as well as a free trial license that lets you test-drive your own implementation.

Contact us anytime, and let us know how we can help you succeed.

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