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Top Three Most Common Customer Service Questions

Taking care of our customers is the highest priority of the Service Objects customer care team. We know that customers are busier than ever, and want to find answers to their customer service-related questions quickly and easily. Here are the three most common questions we receive from current and prospective customers.

(Note: If we haven’t addressed your question below, visit our comprehensive FAQ page on our website or call, email or live chat a customer care representative any time.)

Question 1: Can I check my transaction usage online for my trial/production key?

Absolutely! To check your current usage, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. In the upper right hand corner, click on “Login”
  3. Enter your user name/email address and password.  Not sure what they are?  Call your Customer Care Representative at (800) 694-6269 or email Support
  4. Go to the Usage Reports page and fill out the form
  5. The page will automatically refresh, providing a breakdown of your daily transactions

Helpful tip: Your billing dates may not coordinate with the first and last days of the month.  By entering the exact start and end dates for the billing period, you get the most accurate view of your monthly usage.

Question 2: I would like to update the credit card on my account.  How do I do this?

The best way to make changes to your account is to send an email to with your request.  Your customer care representative will send you the necessary paperwork to fill out and fax back to (805) 963-9179.

Question 3: I am currently using one of the DOTS Web Services, and would like to add an additional service to my account.  How do I go about doing that?

We are so glad you asked!  If you need to test the integration of a new service before deciding to purchase, visit our website and login to your account (see login instructions above).  Then go to the DOTS product you are interested in and click on the Free API Trial Key link.  You’ll receive your new trial key via email within moments.  If you would like to bypass the trial key process, and order a production key immediately, click on the Order Now link on the specific product page and complete the order process online.

We hope that these answers to your most common questions help you find what you need quickly. And remember, we are always just an email, phone call or live chat away!

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