Make Informed Decisions About Your Customers

In today’s competitive and regulated business environment, understanding your customer has transcended from a best practice to a crucial mandate. Comprehensive customer intelligence can enhance marketing efficacy amidst mounting costs, while specific data points, like geolocation and phone porting information, are critical for regulatory compliance.

To guide you through this evolving landscape, Service Objects is pleased to present a complimentary webinar titled “Customer Data Validation: Making Informed Decisions About Your Customer Base” on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at 11am PST/2pm EST. Hosted by our Senior Product Marketing Manager, Rob Manser, this session will discuss how Customer Data Validation can refine the precision of your customer data and provide some examples of how this might be used to make better decisions for your customers and business.

The Impact of Customer Data Validation on Business Intelligence

Customer Data Validation is the process of confirming the accuracy, authenticity, and timeliness of customer contact data. Given its intricacy, it seldom is an in-house task for many enterprises. This process often necessitates leveraging extensive proprietary databases, such as USPS, global address details, demographic data, phone information, and more. The webinar will provide insights into the mechanics of Customer Data Validation, detailing everything from initial verification to data enrichment, eventually producing quality scores that enhance your customer data and deliver pivotal business intelligence.

We will discuss how Customer Data Validation:

  • provides customer insights like demographics, location intelligence and phone number accuracy
  • elevates customer experiences with personalization
  • ensures compliance with data privacy regulations
  • minimizes fraud risks for both your business and your customers

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This webinar is part of Service Objects’ ongoing series of webinar to educate customer-facing organizations about how Customer Data Validation can solve critical business issues involving the use of customer data. Bringing together industry-leading authoritative datasets, proprietary AI and over 20 years of experiences, Customer Data Validation now supports many of the world’s leading firms with their most mission-critical customer data applications.

Service Objects’ Customer Data Validation solutions are customized to your specific business needs and work directly with your CRM and business automation platforms through convenient API interfaces. We offer free trial licenses to test-drive our products at no charge, and each of Service Objects’ products come bundled at no extra charge with 24/7/365 technical support, expert implementation assistance, and guaranteed 99.999% uptime.

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