Essential Top Resources for Customer Data Validation

Customer Data Validation describes Service Objects’ integrated, business-grade strategy for ensuring that all of your customer contact data is accurate, up-to-date and verified.

Using authoritative customer data and powerful AI to unlock the power of your contact data, Customer Data Validation helps you solve common business issues such as lead quality, fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, business intelligence and much more. But where do you go to learn more about how it works, what it can do, and how to introduce its benefits within your organization?

This blog is a great starting point. We offer a wealth of educational content on Customer Data Validation, including white papers, free live and on-demand webinars and other resources such as our blog, where we publish weekly strategies, tips, as well as product and industry-related news.

We’ve consolidated our top-rated Customer Data Validation materials here, providing a comprehensive guide to implementing this approach effectively within your business.

Customer Data Validation White Papers

White papers are a convenient, easily shareable resource that provides a quick overview of how Customer Data Validation can help you. Some of our most popular ones include:

Customer Data Validation: When Accuracy Matters

This white paper discusses the fundamentals of how Customer Data Validation works, as a four-tiered approach including data integrity checking, augmenting and extending data as needed, cross-connecting interrelationships between data elements, and quantitative quality signals.

This white paper also addresses five key business problems that Customer Data Validation can solve, including fixing bad mailing addresses, achieving compliance, managing fraud, leveraging business intelligence, and increasing productivity.


Leads: Keeping it “Real”

This detailed white paper examines how Service Objects’ bundled DOTS Lead Validation capabilities ensure quality leads, in a cloud-based solution that puts the world’s postal, email and phone databases directly inside your business applications.

Comparing and cross-checking over 130 data points, Lead Validation can flag data issues in real-time, quantitatively score lead quality, and customize lead criteria, for more effective sales and customer service efforts.


The ROI of Address Validation

This white paper explores how to get the most profitability customer engagement from your direct mail campaigns by implementing best practices in address data quality.

It also explores strategies that will improve your response rates and effectiveness and help your organization with regulatory concerns and fraud.



On-Demand Customer Data Validation Webinars

For a deeper dive into specific Customer Data Validation topics, our free webinar series provides detailed information on using Customer Data Validation in real-world business situations.

Available for both live and on-demand viewing, these webinars cover topics such as fraud, compliance and more in greater depth. Here are our current top three webinars, all available for replay:

The Power of Customer Data Validation in Preventing Fraud

The webinar explores the effectiveness of Customer Data Validation in combating fraud through immediate verification and enhancement of customer contact information.

It highlights its ability to provide quality and confidence scores for identifying fraudulent activities, thereby safeguarding your financial interests, brand integrity, and legal standing.


Leveraging Customer Data Validation to Achieve Compliance and Reduce Liability

The rapid worldwide growth of data privacy laws and consumer protection regulations – such as CCPA, GDPR, TCPA and FCRA – require organizations to have processes in place for validating and maintaining their customer data, with potentially stiff fines and penalties for violations.

This webinar explores how accurate customer data is more important than ever when it comes to meeting compliance requirements, and how Customer Data Validation forms an essential part of your compliance efforts.


Customer Data Validation Drives Better Decisions

The webinar delves into Customer Data Validation as a business intelligence tool, offering insights on customer demographics, location intelligence, and phone accuracy to enhance personalization and customer experiences.

It also highlights its role in ensuring compliance and minimizing fraud, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and fostering strong business relationships.

Stay in the Know

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